Main Bar

The Main Bar is part of the central hub of the weekend, situated in the main marquee, at the opposite end to the main stage (seeing the theme?). The Main Bar will feature over forty taps (cask and keg) pouring simultaneously, including a selection of draught cider alongside the wide range of beers. At the end of the bar you’ll find the wine, spirits and soft-drinks mini-bar, if all the beer is getting a bit much.

Courtyard Bar & Brewery Tap

Located adjacent to the brewery, on the way in to the festival site, the Brewery Tap and Courtyard Bar are perfect for a quick change of pace from the festival fields.

The Brewery Tap bar has four cask and three keg beers on at all times, as well as a fully stocked shop with bottles and mini-casks to take away (ideal for casual drinks while pitching your tent). It also sells a range of wine and spirits and is the only bar on site that takes cash, and you can top up with extra cash with cashback should you need to get some extra tokens or food.

The Courtyard Bar is at the opposite end of the courtyard behind the Brewery Tap. Using tokens you can pick up a pint and enjoy the sunshine (maybe) surrounded by the traditional old farm buildings. The courtyard is also the site of Argyll’s biggest pub quiz on Saturday afternoon as well as a full music line-up on Saturday!

Brewers Bar & Cocktail Lounge

At the edge of the camping field is a special bar serving special drinks.

The Brewers Bar & Cocktail Lounge share a tent with a chilled atmosphere, serving artisan cocktails and beers from our European brewery friends that have been specially selected by the Brewers Bar curators. For 2018, we’ve invited Italian beer heroes Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa’ and Copenhagen’s Fermentoren to showcase the best of Italy and Scandinavia across the FyneFest weekend.

If you’re in need of a bloody mary in the morning, a mojito at midday or looking for a special beer to toast the evening, this is the place to look. There’s also going to be live music in the tent throughout the weekend, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Walkers’ Bar

If you’re feeling adventurous  and want to make the most of the beautiful scenery of Glen Fyne, take the trip to the Walkers’ Bar, located an hours walk up the glen in and around an old bothy on the banks of the River Fyne. In addition to a live music by the water, the Fyne Ales pop-up bar serves a range of tasty beers and there’s the a chance to grab some hot food for the trip back down to the festival site.

In 2017 we added the Half Pint Bar, located half way on the route to Walkers Bar allowing those making the pilgrimage to grab a quick, refreshing half of beer to keep them going for the rest of the journey.


Origins Brewing Bar


New for 2018 – keep your eyes peel to discover a secret bar stocked with the funkiest farmhouse ales from Fyne Ales Origins Brewing & friends. This exclusive pop-up bar will have a limited capacity, so if you love progressive, experimental and sour beers, be sure to seek it out early in the weekend.