Dog Registration

Online dog registration is now closed. 

Following a review of our dogs-on-site policy for FyneFest 2019, we’re very pleased to announce that canine pals will be welcome at this year’s event! Part of the new policy involves registering your dog in advance of the event – you’ll find the link below to register your dogs for FyneFest 2019 – but before you do, please read the information below.

Before registering, we ask all owners to carefully consider whether bringing their dog to FyneFest is in the best interest of the dog. As much as we try to make our annual festival a friendly, relaxed experience and want to welcome as many canine pals as possible, we know that it might not be a suitable environment for all dogs.

FyneFest 2019 will bring together up to 3,000 people of all ages, in an smallish area, where alcohol will be consumed and live music will be played. So please, please think carefully about whether your dog will be comfortable in a busy, loud and potentially charged environment and remember the experience at a dog’s eye-level may be quite different to your own before deciding to bring your dog to FyneFest 2019.

If you are planning to bring your dog to FyneFest 2019, here are the most important things to know about the new policy:

1. Dog Registration

All dogs attending FyneFest 2019 must be registered in advance – this can be done online, for free, for each dog you’re planning to bring to the festival. On completion of registration, each dog will be issued with a unique I.D number which will be engraved on a metal dog tag for the dog to wear during FyneFest 2019 so that dogs can quickly and easily be identified at any point during the weekend.

2. Dog Owners’ Charter

The new rules for dogs-on-site at FyneFest are collected in the Dog Owners’ Charter – a set of guidelines that we will ask all dog owners to carefully read and indicate they have understood before registering their dog. Owners will also be asked to sign a printed physical copy of the Charter on arrival at the festival site so that there is no excuse for not being aware of the new rules for dogs at FyneFest.

3. Leads & Dog-Friendly Areas

All dogs must be kept on-lead at all times at FyneFest 2019, excluding inside the new Dog Park – a separate field away from the main festival site where dogs can be allowed to stretch their legs off-lead and socialise freely. We will be introducing a new, large, covered bar space where dogs will be welcome for FyneFest 2019, and dogs will not be allowed in the most crowded areas of the festival site – this includes the Main Marquee and Brewers Lounge at any time and the Brewery Tap Courtyard during peak times (1-6pm Saturday 1 June).

There are a number of other items in the Dog Owners’ Charter in relation to dog care and welfare of dogs at the festival – ensuring your dog is not left unattended in a vehicle during good weather, ensuring your bring enough food and other supplies for your dog etc – you can read the full charter via the link below.