Essentials & FAQ

What are the festival opening times?

For those with weekend tickets, admission to the festival site is from 10am on Friday 1 June. Please do not arrive before this, as there is no room for parking and you may block crucial access routes. If you intend to arrive at or near 10am, please be patient as there can sometimes be a rush of early birds making parking slightly more difficult.

For day ticket or Saturday-Sunday camping ticket holders, admission is from 10am on the day of the ticket validity until the conclusion of the final day of validity (no later than 2am).

The festival officially concludes at midday on Monday 4 June.

When leaving the festival, please be patient as the entrance to the festival site can get congested and affected by adverse weather causing issues for some vehicles.

What should I bring to FyneFest?

The most essential item to bring is your tickets, either digitally (downloaded) or printed at home. There will be no entry to the festival site without tickets being scanned.

Otherwise, if you’re camping we recommend the essentials – tent, groundsheet, sleeping bag etc, as well as a torch (headlamps are both useful AND cool), and your personal belongings – clothes, toiletries etc. We generally would also recommend bringing along some midgie repellent – the mix of warm and damp can sometimes lead to a few of them around the festival site.

Other useful items include:

  • Water canteen (refilled at drinking water points)
  • Spare toilet roll (if you don’t want to be caught out)
  • Rubbish bags

We also recommend bringing along cash – you can use cards to buy tokens and merch (with a £1 surcharge per transaction), and get cashback too, but it’s worth bringing some along to get you started, and keep in mind that all the food vendors on site are cash only.

Please remember to bring photographic ID – alcohol wristbands will not be issued to anyone unable to produce photographic ID on entry.

Please bring all essential medications.

Can I bring food and cooking equipment to the festival?

Cooking equipment is allowed in the campsite but only if operated according to strict guidelines:

  • Do not use any cooking facilities inside or near the entrance to any tent.
  • Do not remove partially used gas cylinders, and not remove any cylinders inside any tent.
  • Ensure all appliances are turned off and cool after use.

Campervans and caravan cookers should be safety tested and should contain fully working fire extinguishers. We do not recommend the use of disposable BBQs as they have the potential to damage the camping field and can be hazardous if not allowed to cool before leaving.

There should be no open fires on the festival site under any circumstances.

Can I bring alcohol into the festival?

Over 18s are permitted to bring alcohol in sealed containers with them to the campsite, either from their personal belongings or from the Brewery Tap Shop.

Any alcohol brought onto the festival site may only be consumed in the campsite – anyone found with their own alcohol in any other festival site space (including Main Arena, Main Marquee, Courtyard and Walkers Bar) will have it confiscated. Repeat offenders will be ejected from the festival.

Alcohol purchased from the Main Bar or Brewers Bar & Cocktail lounge cannot be removed from the festival site.

Do I need to bring cash or can I use my card?

We recommend bringing along a little cash to get you started. You can purchase tokens or merch using a card, and get cashback from any card sales point, but there will be a small surcharge (£1 per transaction).

What shouldn’t I bring to FyneFest?

Do not bring weapons, fireworks, illegal substances or legal highs to the festival – anyone caught in possession any of the listed items, or using any of the items, will be ejected from the festival.

Can I bring my dog to FyneFest?

YES! We love canine pals, so we’re more than happy to have them as long as they are kept under control. Dog owners should be aware that as a family-friendly festival there will be children onsite.

  • Always clear up after your dog and keep them under control.
  • Never leave your dog unattended in a car or tent.
  • Bring a water bowl for your dog.

How much is the beer and food?

FyneFest operates on a token system, each token representing a third or a half a pint of beer, depending on the beer’s strength, rarity and style. Most beers will typically be poured as half or full pints, depending on customer preference. Some of the rarest or strongest beers may require two tokens for a half or third of a pint.

Tokens prices will be confirmed closer to the festival.

Food prices are set by the vendors, but typically dishes are around £6.

Is the festival family-friendly?

The FyneFest team take pride in the festival’s inclusive, family-friendly status, and offer free tickets to under 13s and £10 tickets for 13-17 year olds. A program of entertainment will be available for children throughout the weekend. Check out the What’s On page for full information close to the festival.

Under 18s should be accompanied at all times by a responsible adult and will not be allowed to bring alcohol into the event or consume it on the festival site.

If bringing young children to the festival, we recommend the use of ear protectors to avoid hearing damage potentially caused by loud music.

Any issues relating to lost children should be reported to festival security staff.

What is the entry process and what does entry include?

Your ticket(s) will be scanned on arrival at the festival site and you will be issued a pint glass (with third, half and two third markings), a wristband, a festival programme (with beer list) and your first beer token for use at the bar.

Those bringing a car will be directed to a parking space by the FyneFest team – please park exactly as instructed as space in the parking field can tight. Those bringing a campervan will also be directed where to park and be issued with a pass for the campervan field – please display this in your window at all times.

Wristbands must be displayed at all times throughout the weekend; anyone found without a wristband at any point will be ejected from the site. Pint glasses are one per person – do not break or lose your glass as we have only a small amount of replacements (which will cost the equivalent of two tokens).


Are there any rules for the festival site?

Yes, because lots of people are coming to a field to drink beer, so it makes sense to have a few rules. Basically, just be nice and everything will be great.

  • Do not climb trees or any other structures on the festival site.
  • Do not move or remove any fixtures, furniture or hay bales from the festival site (including to the camping field).
  • Do not go in the burn (water) adjacent to the festival site.
  • Do not climb over any fences or open any gates.
  • Take care at all times – the festival is a working farm and ground may be uneven in places.
  • Do not disturb any livestock or festival site neighbours.

What facilities are available on the festival site?

The FyneFest site includes toilets, fresh water points, washing up stations, rubbish points and small number of token-operated showers. Shower tokens can be purchased from the Festival Shop and Token Point all weekend, and from Homeground Coffee on Saturday morning.

Please respect the festival site and those sharing the campsite with you. Place all rubbish in bags and leave full bags at rubbish points located around the site.

Is the festival suitable for those with disabilities?

Those who have special requirements or need additional assistance at the festival should contact the FyneFest team via prior to booking tickets.

What will the weather be like?

Being a Scottish festival, we have no idea. Over the past seven years we’ve had everything from heatwaves to torrential downpours – pack clothes that can be layered, and it’s always good to bring a waterproof, but also suntan cream, sunglasses and a hat (we really have no idea).

For footwear, we recommend walking boots or wellies (it is a fesitval).

Will there be other drinks other than beer?

Of course! The cider bar will be pouring over 25 different ciders across the weekend, while at the other end of the Main Bar you’ll find spirits, wine and soft drinks available to purchase using tokens.

Will there be food for those with specific dietary requirements?

Yep! Vegetarian, vegan and celiac friends need not fear – we’ve chosen our food vendors based on the variety they offer, so there will definitely be something for everyone.

How safe is the festival?

In the previous eight festivals, security has never been an issue. There is a fully-qualified security team on site, whose duties include patrolling the camping field during the night, however we do recommend only bring essential valuables that can be carried with you as tents are often impossible to secure.

Antisocial, illegal or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated at the festival. Any person found doing any of the above will be immediately ejected from the festival without a refund.

What time is curfew?

Last orders in the Main Bar are 1.30am, with music concluding at 2am. Campers are advised that there should be no loud noise in the campsite (including music) between the hours of midnight and 8am.

What happens if I lose something or someone at the festival?

Any issues relating to lost people and children should be reported to the FyneFest security team. Similarly, any lost property should be reported to security staff. If you find any lost property, please hand it to security staff. We recommend making a note of credit and debit card details and leaving them at home to make cancellation easier in the event of any lost cards during the weekend. The festival accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen personal property.

What should I do in the event of an emergency?

Should any emergency arise, speak to a member of the FyneFest security team as soon as possible. There will be a dedicated first aid team on site all weekend for any medical emergencies.

I can no longer make it to the festival, can I get a refund?

Ticket sales are non-refundable. We recommend those with spare tickets use the FyneFest Facebook event and Fyne Ales Facebook page to resell tickets. The FyneFest team will actively monitor pages to encourage resale on these platforms where possible.

Any other disclaimers?

We strongly recommend ticket holders familiarise themselves with the festival terms and conditions.

Don’t drink and drive – Scotland’s Drink Drive limit is 50 milligrams of alcohol per 100 mililitres of blood. For more information visit

Purchasing a ticket for the event and accepting an admission wristband on entry signifies the understanding and acceptance of the festival rules. The FyneFest management team reserve the right to refuse or revoke entry of any ticket to the festival at any time without prior warning should they be in breach of any rules of the festival.

All information regarding the festival contained on this website is subject to change. In the event of major disaster or major adverse weather conditions, the festival may be rescheduled or cancelled.